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Lenny - The Telemarketing Troll

The Telemarketer’s Worst Nightmare


Lenny Trolls Telemarketers

Hello, this is Lenny
Lenny Troll Really Works!

I used to get lots of calls at 8am,
days go by without them now.

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Lenny Troll is the Smart Answering Machine.

Lenny - The Telemarketing Troll - is a chatbot which answers your home telephone and plays pre-recorded messages interacting with Caller-Id spammers while recording the call for your pleasure and to easily share with the larger Lenny community.

Just in the US alone there were more than 4 billion Telemarketing calls last month. About 75% of generic fraud-related crimes cite the telephone as the initial contact method. These calls mostly are Robocalls playing pre-recorded messages or maybe a real person in a call center anywhere in the world.

Lenny Troll runs best on The Raspberry Pi with a USRobotics USR5637 Voice Modem connected to your home telephone, often called a landline or a plain old telephone system (POTS), replacing traditional telephone answering machines with a Graphical User Interface optimzed for Smartphones including and iOS and Android. RasberryPi is a low cost (<$40US), credit-card sized computer capable of doing everything you’d expect a desktop can do with MicroSD storage, a familiar Graphical UI, HDMI TV/Monitor and USB keyboard / mouse.

Hardware Needed
Raspberry Pi4
USRobotics Modem
rj11 wire
RJ11 Connector
rj11 plug
Telephone Jack
Smartphone or PC


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